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Milk Analyzer Ultrasonic
Milk Analyzer Ultrasonic

Thanks to the years of experience and laboratory researches, 𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐍 𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐊®. has developed new mathematic formulas for increased accuracy and repeatability of the measured parameters.

We manage top-class software department, which can customize the operating software according to each client requirement!

The production of all our electronic mainboards is conducted in Bulgaria and it is according to the quality control system ISO 9001, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.


Is high quality milk analyzer for measurement of the main milk parameters.Correct analysis of the components is carried out for 60sec. In addition, ph option and Bluetooth can also be added to the device. The analyzer is equipped with plastic body, compact and low weight, comfortable for narrow and less accessible areas. 

The switching adapter ensures stable work of the device in the event of voltage fluctuations in the range of 100V to 260 V. 

Three calibration channels are available. Standard calibrations for milk analyzer Master ECO are for Cow milk, Sheep milk, UHT. 

The analyzer can be calibrated also for: Buffalo milk, Pasteurized milk, Goat milk, Mixed milk, Skimmed milk, Whey and other types of milk and milk derivatives.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • App Móvil (Android)
  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • Very small quantity of milk needed
  • Self calibration without computer
  • Low power consumption
  • Peristaltic pump
  • One year full warranty 
  • Clock (time and date)
  • No acids or other chemicals are used

Technical Overview

  • Sample Volume 20 ml.
  • Sample Speed 60 sec.
  • Sample Temperature 5° - 42°C
  • Humidity 0 - 80% RH
  • Interface RS 232 port
  • Interface USB AC Power Supply 95 - 250V
  • DC Power Supply 12V
  • Dimensions 139/47/181mm
  • Weight0.9 kg


Master Pro Touch
Master Pro Touch


The world’s first ultrasonic milk analyzer with touch screen. Innovative technology ensures easy and efficient operation with the device. Master Pro Touch is new generation milk analyzer equipped with 7’ touch screen graphic display. Fast and easy overview of the records saved in electronic table directly on the analyzers’ display, without using a PC.Data transfer option to PC in Microsoft Excel is available for Master Pro Touch.Fast and easy input of parameters for calibration and corrections directly on the buttons as well as on-screen keypad for entering customers and liters data. 7‘ display allows the sample measurement results to be visible on the screen until next analysis is in process.Available options (by customers’ request only) – conductivity, built-in printer, USB flash memory stick, second peristaltic pump for automatic cleaning, PH, accumulator, weighting scales, remote display.Three calibration channels are available. Standard calibrations for milk analyzer MASTER PRO TOUCH are for Cow milk, Sheep milk, UHT. The analyzer can be calibrated also for: Buffalo milk, Pasteurized milk, Goat milk, Mixed milk, Skimmed milk, Whey and other types of milk and milk derivatives.

Somatic Cell Counter Lactoscan SCC

Counter Celulas Somatic
Counter Celulas Somatic


    • High-end direct fluorescent, low magnification microscope with fast autofocus and cell counting software
    • Fast, accurate, reliable somatic cells analysis of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and human milkPossibility of reference analysis
    • Detects subclinical and clinical mastitis
    • Lowest cost per test of Somatic Cell Counts
    • Easy readable results within 20 to 60 secondsTakes a maximum of 60 images by computer controlled X:Y movements and then processes these by the image analysis software
    • Stores unlimited number of record in the database
    • Results are color codedAutomatic software update and remote service
    • Portable and compact design10'' fully functional touchscreen tablet
    • Embedded printer
    • Wireless keypad and mouseUse of 4 channels disposable LACTOCHIPS
    • Low power consumption
    • One year full warranty

    Key features:

    • User-friendly: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation
    • Very small quantity of milk required
    • Low power consumption
    • No use of hazardous chemicals
    • One year full waranty
    • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS 232 Interface

    Environmental Conditions:

    • Ambient air temperature — 10°C – 40°C
    • Milk temperature — 1°C – 40°C
    • Relative humidity — 30% – 80%

    Electrical Parameters:

    • AC Power Supply voltage – 220V/110VDC
    • Power Supply voltage – 12V to 14,2V
    • Power Consumption – 30W max

    Mechanical Parameters:

    • Dimensions (W x D x H) 290x300x330 mm
    • Weight < 5 kg

    Mastitis Detector DRAMIŃSKI MD4Q2

    Mastitis Detector MD4Q2
    Mastitis Detector MD4Q2

    The new generation of the device with one cup, designed for the independent detection of mastitis in cows and small ruminants (including sheep and goats) at the earliest, visually undetectable stage.

    Mastitis Detector DRAMIŃSKI MD4Q2:

    • Helps to maintain the health condition of the herdImproves the economic results of breedingEnables the detection of subclinical (asymptomatic) inflammationHelps taking the steps in order to prevent the development of the diseaseSpeeds up treatment decisions before antibiotics are neededBenefits of using the MD4Q2 Mastitis Detector:Maximize your milk production
    • Using an effective method of sub-clinical mastitis detection assures a high quality and quantity of produced milkMaintain a healthy herd and improve the economy of breedingManage the test results that enable the detection of subclinical (asymptomatic) inflammationEarly detection and a quick decision to treat possible illness before costly antibiotic therapy will be needed2 years of warranty and aftersales support
    • For over 35 years, we have been a trustworthy partner of every animal breeder. As a Polish manufacturer of electronic devices recognized all over the world, we provide a two-year warranty on our products. The service department will make every effort to repair and test your device as soon as possible from the moment of delivery.

    Guarantee of quality and originality

    • High failure rate, lack of service, danger to people and animals – these are the characteristics of fake products that flood the market, tempting unsuspecting purchasers with an attractive price. The DRAMINSKI device is a guarantee not only of durability, but also of safety for people and animals. The originality of the device is confirmed by the housing with an embossed company logo on the handle, made of the highest quality ABS plastic. We have 2 extremely demanding certificates of Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 – which confirms our professionalism and the highest quality of products.

    Easy and Intuitive Operation 

    • The use of the new generation mastitis detector is so intuitive that every breeder will be able to conduct the test and interpret the results on their own. Treat the first streams of milk directly from the teat to the measuring cup (you can choose the measuring option from 4 or 2 udders), press the button and read the result. If necessary, the result can be saved in its memory. In order to effectively control the tested inventory, it is necessary to additionally add, for example, the name, box number or earring number.The device shows on display the name of the currently tested animal. However, the sorting function in the detector’s menu will allow you to easily search for a specific item. The convenience of using the aparatus is also a “tool-free” flap for replacing the battery (with a latch) and a durable mini-USB socket with a rubber cover that prevents the ingress of dirt or water while cleaning the device. 

    Can choose between two operating modes

    • The device operation settings allow you to select a mode tailored to your needs.
    • Basic – simplified, allows for quick measurement and diagnostics, without the possibility of using extensive functions, e.i. saving results in the device’s memory, transfer data to a computer, etc.
    • Advanced – allows you to use the full capabilities of the device, in addition to the basic functions, it also includes: saving the name or number of the animal to the internal memory, measurement with date and time, and additional options for work settings.
    • The upgraded device has been equipped with a large internal memory, so the breeder will be able to save up to 250 identities of animals (e.g. ear tag number) and make as many as 200,000 measurements along with the exact date and time of the test. Thanks to this function, the milker will make sure that each cow has been tested before connecting the milking machine. The device is also useful to test the effectiveness of the treatment process the use of antibiotic therapy. Only the treatment of inflammation in the early stages of infection is the most effective and the cheapest. Recording your results is an effective way to monitor udder health in your dairy animals.

    Application for breeders

    We’ve created a special, free-of-charge application that allows easy transfer of saved data from the device to the computer for further analysis and archiving. The application will automatically recognize the detector, after connecting via the mini-USB port. Manage your herd’s health in one place.

    The application offers:

    • Convenient analysis of collected data and archiving
    • Possibility to add special descriptions to the measurements saved in the program
    • The ability to create graphs of the measurements carried out and print or save as a JPG file
    • The ability to generate reports on the results and then print or save as a PDF file
    • Ability to manually select results, animal numbers, etc.
    • The ability to generate spreadsheets.

    Perfect for work in all conditions

    • Sunlit space or dark rooms are not a problem for our device. The large display with energy-saving LED backlight can cope with all lighting conditions. The LED graphic display is a guarantee of perfect screen visibility. What’s more, from the menu level, you can adjust the most important settings such as the intensity and duration of the backlight or contrast. A graphic indicator on the display also shows the current battery level.

    Functional keyboard

    • The multi-layer structure of the membrane keyboard ensures tightness, so we can easily remove dirt from it under running water or perform disinfection. Four function keys make the detector operation fast and intuitive. The durability of the keyboard is estimated on 5 million clicks, meaning many years of trouble-free usage.

    A Lifetime Investment

    • Precise, manual assembly and the use of high-quality components extend the service life of the device up to several years.


    Features of DRAMINSKI MD4Q2 Mastitis Detector 

    • Language version option
    • Pop-up menu
    • Real time clock Automatic shutdown option 
    • Displays messages and button tips 
    • Management of animals saved in the memory of the device (adding, deleting, formatting the memory), as well as the ability to preview the saved results from the menu item (without using the application). 


    Before each subsequent test, remember to rinse the measuring cups with water and then dry them. Before washing the device, make sure that the battery door and the mini-USB input are closed properly. 

    Set contains: 

    • DRAMINSKI MD4Q2 mastitis detector 
    • Reusable transport box (handy, light, durable and water resistant) 
    • Manual user instructions 
    • 4 AA batteries, 1.5V (LR6) 
    • USB cable for communication with a computer 
    • Lanyard for the device (protects the device against dropping and damage).

    Technical data

    • Weight 358 g
    • Size26 x 8 x 7 cm
    • Power4xAA batteries 1,5 V (LR6)
    • Battery life indicator graphic
    • Low battery signal automatic
    • Power comsumption 11 mA up to 54 mA (depending on backlight usage)
    • Steering module single microchip computer
    • Approximate time of continuous operation on a set of alkaline batteries209 hours – backlight set on 0% 95 hours – backlight set on 30%
    • Display 2,4″ diagonal LCD with LED backlight
    • Keyboard membrane
    • Data transmission via USB
    • Software update
    • USB Data saving
    • internal memoryMemory capacity
    • 250 animals / 200 000 results with date and time 
    • Range of results 0 up to 999 units
    • Additional functionsreal-time clock, pop-up menu, display operating parameters settings, language version selection, automatic switch-off time change, measurement settings, data and software update
    • Display resolution10 units
    • Working temperature from 10° to 45°C
    • Storage temperature from 5° to 50°C


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